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For entering the online catalog go to http://aleph.muni.czWill be opened in new window. Basic search field is in the middle of the homepage (for return to this search field click "Search/Index" at the top of the page anytime).

Aleph - search

While searching you can use:

  • boolean operators AND, OR, NOT in search query e.g. organic NOT chemistry you'll get documents indexed with "organic" word, but not with "chemistry" word
    map OR plan - you'll get documents with either first or second word
  • substitute character ? for seachring different variants of words (organ? = organ, organs) or to find variant spellings. For example, alumi?m will find both the American spelling, aluminum, and the British spelling, aluminium.
  • upper and lower case don't affect searching

How to find document location

In the search result set, clik the link in "Items/Loans" column (data in brackets show numbers of all accesible items and all loaned items) Aleph - search results

or the link in "Holdings" line, if full record is shown directly:
Aleph - holdings

Now we have the list of items of required publication:
Aleph - items

Item status

  • In house loan = possible to study only in the Library
  • Month = loan period is one month
  • Semestral = loan period is 90 days
  • Long term loan = only for postgraduate student, teachers and staff of MU
  • Mimo ÚK = located in a department library, click the link in "collection" column for more information

Department library

title of the college/department in which the item is located


Document location inside the library:

  • KUK - Free access = item is located in the library studyroom
  • KUK - Sklad = item located in closed stack
  • KUK - Archive = item located in a library Archive
  • organchemistry, biology e.g. – department library – necessary to arrange the loan with dpt. library contact person. (List of contacts)


document location on the shelf. It's created with a number part (means topic) and letters part (4 characters from author's name or document title) (e.g. 547-ANSL – book with organic chemistry topis, author is E. Anslyn.)

No. of requests

The number of requests and your position in requests line is shown.

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