Find in Catalog

For entering the online catalog go to http://katalog.muni.czWill be opened in new window. Basic search field is in the middle of the homepage (for return to this search field click "Search/Index" at the top of the page anytime).


While searching you can use:

  • boolean operators AND, OR, NOT in search query e.g. organic NOT chemistry you'll get documents indexed with "organic" word, but not with "chemistry" word
    map OR plan - you'll get documents with either first or second word
  • substitute character * for seachring different variants of words (organ* = organ, organs) or to find variant spellings. For example, alumi?m will find both the American spelling, aluminum, and the British spelling, aluminium.
  • upper and lower case don't affect searching

How to find document location

You can refine the search result in the right hand menu. Search results

Now we have the list of items of required publication:

Item status

  • In house loan = possible to study only in the Library
  • Month = loan period is one month
  • Semestral = loan period is 90 days
  • Long term loan = only for postgraduate student, teachers and staff of MU
  • Mimo ÚK = located in a department library, click the link in "collection" column for more information

Department library

title of the college/department in which the item is located


Document location inside the library:

  • KUK - Free access = item is located in the library studyroom
  • KUK - reposit = item located in closed stack
  • organchemistry, biology e.g. – department library – necessary to arrange the loan with dpt. library contact person. Click the departement link for more info.
  • KUK - long term loans = follow the link, fill the form and ask for mediating the loan for a short time

Call Number

document location on the shelf. It's created with a number part (means topic) and letters part (4 characters from author's name or document title) (e.g. 547-ANSL – book with organic chemistry topis, author is E. Anslyn.)

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