MUST Week, September 3-7, 2018

Time Title Speaker
9.00-10.00 Registration and Welcome Jan Pavlík, Denisa Földišová
10.00-11.00 Masaryk University Libraries Miroslav Bartošek
11.00-12.30 Lunch
12.30-13.30 Visiting CEITEC Jana Otoupalíková
13.30-15.00 Visiting the University Campus Library Jiří Kratochvíl, Lukáš Plch
18.00-?? Dinner Denisa Földišová
Time Title Speaker
8.30-9.30 BUT Digital library – repository and open access at Brno University of Technology Jan Skůpa
9.30-10.00 Repository - Way to Open Access at Masaryk University Anna Jedličková
10.00-10.15 Coffee Break
10.15-10.45 Munispace: Online library and reading room of Masaryk University Press – Munipress
Munispace: Masaryk University reading room
Alena Mizerová, Radek Gomola
10.45-11.15 Digital Library of MU Faculty of Arts Martin Svora
11.15-12.45 Lunch
12.45-13.00 RDM support: startup and future Inge Rutsaert
13.00-13.15 Open Access and Research Data Services at the Fulda University and Regional Library Patrick Langner
13.15-13.30 On the verge of Open Access - a new world for the Hebrew University libraries Tamar Ganor
13.30-13.45 Coffee Break
13.45-14.00 Open Access and academic libraries: challenges and pitfalls (temporary) Antonios Mourikis
14.00-14.15 Open Access & the Polytechnic University of Valencia Francisco Jesús Martinéz Galindo
14.15-14.30 Food & drink challenge for real heroes Jiří Kratochvíl, Lukáš Plch
Time Title Speaker
9.00-9.30 National Centre for Electronic Information Resources - CzechELib - first years of existence Marie Skřivanová
9.30-10.00 Bibliometrics as a pathway to research strategies Michal Petr
10.00-10.15 Citation analyses at the University Campus Library Jiří Kratochvíl
10.15-10.30 Coffee Break
10.30-10.45 How can the library help the research staff? UCLM Library‘s Research support services Alonso Nuria Soto
10.45-11.00 Researchers‘ bibliography at the University of Maribor Terezija Balant
11.15-12.45 Lunch
12.45-13.00 Publish: good practices and dangers: avoid predatory journals Francisco Hernandez san Miguel
13.00-15.00 Compliance with the principles of transparency and best practice in scholarly journals (workshop) Lukáš Plch, Jiří Kratochvíl, Igor Hlaváč
Time Title Speaker
9.00-9.30 Library Training and Services on an Individual Basis Dana Mazancová
9.30-10.30 Information Literacy Courses for PhD. Students at BUT Hana Janečková
10.30-10.45 Coffee Break
10.45-11.45 Information literacy activities at the University Campus Library Jiří Kratochvíl
11.45-12.00 New sources of information, new users, new librarians Lucia Zubasti
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.00 Information Literacy workshop Jiří Kratochvíl, Lukáš Plch, Igor Hlaváč
Time Title Speaker
8.30-8.45 Visiting the library "Na křižovatce" Jan Harnůšek
8.45-10.00 Projects and activities of the Division of Information and Library Studies (KISK) Michal Lorenz
10.00-11.30 Visiting the library at the Faculty of Education Lenka Ondráčková
11.30-12.00 Summary, Farewell Lukáš Plch, Jiří Kratochvíl


Visiting libraries, The University Campus Library
Sharing experiences, The University Campus at Bohunice
Participants, The University Campus Library
Workshops, The University Campus Library
Visiting libraries, the library "Na křižovatce"
Participants, The University Campus Library