Need to find in the Studyroom

Books are devided into groups by fields of study, marked with the number,
the letter and the colour (e.g. 611 = zelena).

The groups on the shelves are sorted by the numeral order, the alphabetical order is used in every group. The advantage of this system is that you can find more books by one author of the same branch nearby. If you do not know what particular title to choose, you can search in one branch group.

The colour may help you to be basically versed in the branch (sign on the shelf, stripe on the book). The map of study room shows the placement of the study disciplines.

subject map
zluta 0 Universalities
zluta 1 Philosophy
zluta 2 Religion
zluta 3 Social sciences
zluta 4 Languages, linguistics
zluta Journals - ordered by titles in their section.
You can find the specific subject label
in "Location" column in online catalogue.
modra 51 Math
cervena 53 Physics
oranzova 54 Chemistry
hneda 55 - 559.6 Geology and geography
tyrkysova 57 Biology
tyrkysova 58 Botany
tyrkysova 59 Zoology
zelena 61 Medical sciences
fialova 62 Technology
fialova 63 Agriculture, forestry
seda 7 Arts, Architecture
ruzova 79 Sports. Sports theory
bylinna 9 Archeology. History

The symbol "RC" signs "Reserved collection". These documents may be lent as absence loans to the students of study programmes in English at the MU Faculty of Medicine. More about Reserved collection.