Scan to PDF file

Scanning to e-mail

On the machine you can scan your material into PDF file that you can send to an e-mail..

  1. First switch the language to English: and then press English at the display.
  2. On control panel press the button „scanner“: Tlačítko skener
  3. Press the button „Manual entry“ on the display Manuální vložení , enter your email address and press „OK“.
  4. Clear and not creased sheets of paper insert into the feeder. Other material put on the glass:
    Umístění předlohy
    If necessary, press „Scan settings“ and set the scan size – for example A4. Scanner will not scan the whole width of the book on the glass, just only one page (see picture above).

    You can set also other parameters of scanning: color/black&white, resolution (200 DPI is enough for text scanning).
    Nastavení formátu

  5. For scanning press the green button. Zelené tlačítko
  6. If you want to send scanned pages to your email address (PDF file), press the button „#“ odeslat
  7. If the scanned file is available to send because of its size, scanner will alert you and and offer sending email.
    Than you can continue with scanning.
  8. Before leaving the machine, you can press the button reset for clearing your email address from the display.
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