At first put your money in your SUPO account, namely in cash or by bank transfer.
If you want to print a document, send it to PRINT_MU printer.
After it place your ISIC card to the card reader on the machine (how to print without ISIC) and print or copy.

For all about SUPO system see catalog .
The account has to be activated by client in an electronic way by confirming the Client's Consent with the Running Conditions of the SUPO System:
Inet » MU Economics » SUPO » Client's consent with MU SUPO running conditions

After reading conditions and confirmation your account will be activated. Your account must be at least 50 crowns for full use of SUPO. Data for bank transfer (account number, variable symbol) is available in Inet or you can put money cash in your SUPO account by self-service top-up machine located next to the copy machine on the ground-floor. (Other MU top-up machines )
Note: When you put in self-service top-up machine more than 100 crown, copy machine display shows only 100 crowns. Don't be afraid and check your account in INET MU.

You can also deposit money into your SUPO account cashless.

Select copy function

  1. Select copy function
  2. Language settings
  3. Initial screen - switching functions. It is shown in the picture.
  4. Log out

Copy configuration:

Copy configuration
  1. B&W / color copies
  2. paper format settings
  3. reduce/enlarge settings
  4. double-sided copying
  5. more pages to one page

How to copy without your ISIC card?

You log in to the printer using a PIN code that you generate yourself. The pin is valid for 24 hours.

Price list

Prices in CZK
Black and white Coloured Black and white Coloured
A4 single-side 1,50 8,00 1,60 8,10
double-side 2,80 15,80 3,00 16,00
A3 single-side 3,00 16,00 3,20 16,20
double-side 5,80 31,80 6,20 32,20

Need a help?

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IT specialist, copy machines, web

Office: B09.326
Phone: 549 49 4134