Interlibrary loan service

Interlibrary loan service is one of the basic service our library offers.

If our library doesn't hold the document you are interested in, complete the order form and we obtain it for you. Only for books that are not located in any of Brno libraries.

Price list:

Document type from a library in Czech republic from foreigner library
Copy of an article / part of monography According to library costs (cca 20-60 CZK) According to library costs (cca 5 pages/80 CZK)
Monography lending According to library costs (cca 50-100 CZK) According to library costs (cca 300-500 CZK)

Order a document from other library:

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Mgr. Ludmila Moravcová

Interlibrary loans, support of science

Office: B09.121
Phone: 549 49 5783