HSTalks - Biomedical & Life Sciences Lectures

2021-03-05 10:00

Lectures by experts in biomedical and life sciences - free trial until 31st March.

The collection is comprised of more than 2,800 specially prepared, animated lectures by world leading experts, including Nobel Laureates and Lasker Award winners. The collection is highly prized for providing researchers easy access to the same experts that they would like to see present at an international conference or hear speak at a guest lecture and is particularly suitable for use in distance, blended, team learning and flipped classroom programmes.

You can access the collection from all university computers at https://hstalks.com/biosci/Will be opened in new window

For accessing on pc outside the university network use OpenVPN remote access (https://ezdroje.muni.cz/vzdaleny_pristup/?lang=enWill be opened in new window).

For more information see Portal of Electronic resources at MU linkWill be opened in new window

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