(edit 29/6) Return to usual operation from June 1

2020-06-20 13:05

The library is reopened in full operation from June 1st. On July 1st, all current limitations cease to apply.


The library is open from June 1st from Monday to Thursday at 8 am - 6 pm and on Friday at 8 am - 3 pm until further notice.
You can borrow and return books, visit study rooms or use copy room during these opening hours.
From July 1st library visitors aren't obliged to wear mouth and nose protection. Other restrictions cease to apply on the same day.


Until June 30th, visitors are obliged to:
  • wear mouth and nose protection,
  • disinfect their hands upon arrival (UCL will provide disinfection),
  • keep a distance of 2 metres,
  • sit only at selected places in study rooms,
  • respect an access limit of 150 visitors at a time.


Study places

  • We had to reduce the number of study places to ensure two-metre distances.
  • These selected places are distinctly marked.
  • Visitors can study individually in the group and individual study rooms or at marked places in main study rooms. Study places equipped with a PC are available as well.
  • Please, do not change the placement of study places. Please, do not move with furniture and chairs that aren't assigned to marked study locations.

Closed areas

  • Until further notice, group PC room (228) is closed to library visitors.

Number of visitors

  • Due to a reduced number of study places, a limited number of visitors are allowed into the library at the same time.
  • We will monitor an actual number of visitors. When the limit is met, we can't let anyone inside until someone else leaves.
  • Please, respect this rule. Please take into account you may need to wait before we let you inside.
  • Please take the above notice into account when you are already studying in the library. Do not leave your belongings in the library even if you need to go out for a moment.

Books availability, reservations

  • It won't be possible to pre-order books from free access from May 28th (as during the limited operation until the end of May). Unpicked orders will wait for you for seven days after the order has been prepared (no later than June 5th).


Library visitors can use four disinfection dispensers.
We will place two dispensers in the main study rooms, one into the copy room and one will be available by the loan desk.

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