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2020-04-21 09:30

Following the recent situation, we are scanning and adding the most borrowed books into the application e-prezenčka.

We will update the below list regularly.
You can download the full list in XLS from hereWill be opened in new window (or view PDFWill be opened in new window). As the majority of scanned books is in Czech, we have added a sheet "Scanned English books" into the file.

  • Medical sciences
    • Anatomy: handbook of splanchnology and angiology (I. Hradilová, 2014)
    • Anatomy: Peripheral nervous system (I. Hradilová, 2018)
    • Cataract (J. Guell, 2013)
    • Guide to general histology and microscopic anatomy (P. Vaňhara, 2017)
    • Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology (J. Hall, 2016)
    • Infectious diseases for foreign students (P. Husa, 2013)
    • Junqueira's basic histology (A. Mescher, 2016)
    • Medical genetics at a glance (D. J. Pritchard, 2013)
    • Medical physiology (W. Boron, 2017)
    • Memorix anatomy (R. Hudák, 2015)
    • Pathophysiology (I. Damjanov, 2009)
    • Rang and Dale's pharmacology (J. Ritter, 2020)
    • Regional anatomy (J. Stingl, 2012)
  • Biology
    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants (B. Buchanan, 2015)
  • Chemistry
    • Instrumental analysis (R. M. Granger, 2017)
  • ...and many more in Czech.
25/3: first 14 books added into the list, 3 in English
26/3: 26 books added, 3 in English
27/3: 11 books added, 1 in English
30/3: 18 book added, 4 in English
6/4: 4 books added, 2 in English
15/4: 2 books added, 1 in English
23/4: 2 books added, 1 in English
29/4: 4 books added, 1 in English

Scanning takes place under challenging conditions, and the edited files must undergo further processing in the Campus Library and also in the Library Information Centre. Therefore, thank you for your understanding and patience.
You can read more information about e-prezenčka hereWill be opened in new window.

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