A quick guide for new users

2020-10-05 14:00

Limited operation

Currently, the red rating at the university traffic-light system applies. But that doesn't mean we should be fully closed.
From October 12th, only the loan desk is open. You can read all current safety measures here .

REGISTRATION to the library

You can become a library user in just one click in INET . As a result of this, you confirm that you have read the MU Library Rules and the MU Libraries Operating Rules. You can register in advance online or at the computers to the left of the loan desk.


The library is divided into two large study rooms. We have made a video for you to get acquainted with the space. You will also learn the necessary information about borrowing books (turn on English subtitles).

You can view the branch division of the shelves in the interactive map .


If you need to borrow books, it is best to prepare a list of books and their call numbers in advance. The online catalogue will help you with that.
You will find more about searching in the catalogue here .

SUPO - printing, copying

To use the internal payment system SUPO, you must first activate it . You can then top up the money via a cash machine (bankovník), online mobile payment or bank transfer.
You will use the SUPO account for printing, copying, purchasing spiral binders and others , or if you need to pay a fine.
Everything about the SUPO system here .

WiFi - Eduroam

There are two WiFi networks available at the university - MUNI and Eduroam. Use the MUNI network only to set up Eduroam or if there is a problem with Eduroam.
You can find out all about Eduroam configuration on your device here .


You can find complete information about our services here on the website, or in the PDF guide to library services . You can also pick up this guide at the loan desk.
If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask librarians at the loan desk, on knihovna@ukb.muni.cz or call 549 497 545.

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