Department libraries, collections MUCL

Some books and journals are deposited in the department libraries and they are primary destined for loaning to specialists of the department.
The head of department is reponsible for the collection and he entrust subordinated employee (secretary, assistant professor) with charge of function of department library.

The rules for deparment libraries are destined by Appendix No. 6 of Operational Regulations of MU Campus Library .

Medicine Dpt. Lib. Science Dpt. Lib. Pharmacy Dpt. Lib.

Information about departement libraries:

Helga Abrahámová

FS Journals, Dpt. libraries FM and FS

Office: B09.314
Phone: 549 49 4565

Mgr. Jana Bačovská, Dis.

Loan services, books acquisition for FP

Office: B09.113
Phone: 549 49 4468